• The one minute piece Communication Satellites formed part of the UnTwelve 60×60 (60 one minute microtonal pieces played as a continuous hour) as part of the ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) 2010 in NYC.

Communication Satellites employs 24-tone equal temperament.  Quarter-tone harmonies are heard on almost every non-percussive sound and some percussive sounds.  In the background washes, this quarter-tone difference is separated widely across the stereo field and a marginal delay produces subtle interference patterns in the sounds. The spaciousness of the piece is intended to provide an opportunity to better hear the tuning effect.  ‘Communication satellites’ employs shortwave radio signal modulations (detuned) and an iPhone as sound sources – and looks for common ground between the two different generations of communication devices in response to the natural microtonality of modulating shortwave signals.

  • The collaborative piece Tantallon with Rebecca Sharp featured in the 2009 60×60 International Mix for which dance shows were created in Kansas City, Columbus, and New York, where the show was described by the New York Times as a “masterpiece of organization”. Tantallon also featured as part of the 2009 60×60 video project by Patrick Liddel which has been shown in venues in the US and beyond including the LOOP Videoart Festival, Barcelona.

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