Les Scott is an electro-acoustic music producer on Edinburgh-based Alex Tronic Records (ATR), who has now delivered four albums for the label as Neu Gestalt. His releases are “Altered Carbon” (2008) “Weightless Hours” (2012) “Inside The Rain Chamber” (2014) and “Controlled Substances’ (2019). Work is presently underway on a further album, planned for a 2020 release.

His one-minute miniatures were selected for 3 separate years of the New York-based Vox Novus 60×60 music project and also a related one-off microtonal project. 60×60 has shown in various venues around the world as hour-long dance performances with 60 dance groups, each interpreting a minute, timed to a stage clock. Pauline Oliveros and Laurie Spiegel were also among the one minute contributors. One of his miniatures also featured in a 60×60 video project by Patrick Liddel which has been shown in venues in the US and beyond including the LOOP Videoart Festival, Barcelona.

Several Neu Gestalt tracks have appeared on Germany’s Yellow Sunshine Explosion compilations and he has arranged/remixed artists including Alex Tronic (Paul Croan), Mick Chillage, Terrorboy and MetalTech. The Australian theatre company, One Step at a Time, employed music by Neu Gestalt as part of its “En Route” project in Edinburgh, and director Julian Rickert again employed Neu Gestalt music for his ‘Angel Moments’ project in Melbourne.